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The Duchess of Malfi (Birmingham Mail)

Put the bright lights of a Crescent company into a dark Jacobean tragedy and you are guaranteed an evening of drama at its deadliest.

John Webster’s tale of murders, madness, incest and corruption involving a crooked cardinal and his mad brother makes its twisting journey to a clutter of corpses by way of snide asides and lots of plotting.

There is a point at which Dave Hill’s excellent and fast-moving production could have been in danger of sliding past the tenuous line into melodrama but it does not happen. There is a firm hand on the tiller and an experienced crew responds quite splendidly.

David Owen (Ferdinand) heads the honours list with his vibrant portrayal of an uncontrolled and accelerating madness that glitters from sparkling eyes with irresistible intensity.

John Slim, Birmingham Mail 17 November 2005

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