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Confusions (Birmingham Mail)

A handful of life’s absurdities

Company members each play a variety of roles in presenting five Ayckbourn playlets that highlight various life’s absurdities, and they do it splendidly.

My only regret comes with between mouthfuls. This habitually works best when the waiter flitting between the two tables, is used very strictly as the means by which we are enabled to hear what the diners are saying.

When he is alongside, we can hear them. When he moves away, they only mouth their animated conversation.

Here, Peter Smith’s production by no means sticks to this convention. It would also help if the waiter’s table were moved upstage and the other two tables came closer together, so the waiter’s travelling time was decreased.

But, as with the other four offerings, the players acquit themselves with distinction.

My favourite pieces are Mother Figure, with Pauline O’Connor treating her neighbours (Katie Edwards and David Owen) like naughty children, and Gosforth’s Fete, which features larger than life characters in al sorts of trouble with the sound system and the electrics.

It’s a shame that this happy production was allotted only a five night run, but it was and it ends on Saturday.

John Slim

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