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Cait's Story (June '06)

by Andrew Cowie

“A must-see show” The Independent
“Economical, perceptive, quickfire and funny” Birmingham Mail

Crescent Theatre Birmingham, June 2006

"So I'm with this guy and it's fine. I mean, it's OK but it's like I go out with him because he's my boyfriend, not he's my boyfriend because I want to go out with him; but that's how everyone is eventually. Right?

a monologue containing two actors
written and directed by Andrew Cowie
devised and performed by Leasa Clarke and David Anton

For “Caits Story” I was asked by Andrew Cowie ( the writer and the director) to play the part of Kate´s two boyfriends. The monologue fell to my friend and fellow actress Leasa Clarke. This play was devised from start to finish by Andrew, Leasa and myself. It was my first taste of physical theatre and the fact that I enjoy dance and sport and being able to throw myself around was an added bonus to the creation process.

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