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A Streetcar Named Desire (Mar. '05)

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Dave Hill, a Crescent Theatre Production, March 2005

Blanche DuBois comes to live with her sister and husband in New Orleans. She enrages Stanley with her airs and affectations and her perpetual reminiscences. He discovers all is not what it seems and a battle of wits and the sexes ensues.
Tennessee Williams at his masterly best.

My first taste of real theatre in 29 years and my litmus test as to whether I would at last have the passion and indeed the talent to seriously embark on a professional career in acting…….

I was cast as “Pablo” one of the secondary characters, the mexican who we see at the poker nights during the play. The Director, Dave Hill, new of my ambitions and as Pablo had little text gave me the role of “Mitch” as understudy. I was luckily able to perform the role of “Mitch” for the Matinee.

The show had great reviews and was awareded best drama at the local NODA awards.

Time to get more roles under my belt!

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